Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This was a couple of days ago.
I woke up at 5:00 this morning, although my "wake-up call" was not until 6:15. Even drowsing on the couch in the cool was not so very enticing. It is going to be another long day of moving so I might as well get on with it.

Much better, right?
Louise was a champion yesterday to come over and power through dismantling my bathroom. I have so much stuff and the odds and ends are always the hardest. Why can't they be packed first when you have a keener eye and more energy? There is more to be cleaned in the kitchen, a place which I cannot make myself attend to in a methodical manner.

The plan today is to get the place finished and get back up to Brewster before the traffic rush. We shall see about that. The car is packed close to capacity, leaving room for Cooder's travel bag, and her litter box accoutrements. I hate leaving Emmylou, although I know she is in good hands and is very welcomed.

Making sure I take her with me?

Getting closer. 

And, of course, the engine light came on in my car, so who knows what that means besides another bill and headache and inability to drive where I want to ... as if the gas prices were not enough.
Zoe came up to Brewster with us.
Emmy on the fire escape in the morning.

I have my crying jags, like when I round the corner on the BQE and see the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building. And this morning when I think about it. But I do need to finish my coffee and get busy.

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  1. Proud of you and wishing you well. This too shall pass. Looks like you are doing beautifully considering things, and bless Louise for all her help (and I'm sure others). My thoughts are with you and I am excited to see your new arrangement when you get there. You'll be there soon enough, and the heartache will soon turn into determination, and determination will morph into something amazing I'm sure. Chin up and keep going, until then. XO