Friday, July 6, 2012


Notwithstanding the heat, Cooder curled up next to my head for a nap. I mean, how sweet is that? She is managing pretty well, really. She wants to go out and hang in the yard. Of course, she has scarcely been outside in her entire life, so I think it's a pretty big step and am not about to let her out without close supervision quite yet.

I miss my bathtub. My body still hurts, particularly my knees, from all the stairs at 8th Avenue. There are two formidible flights here in Brewster, too, although I am not carrying as many boxes, so things are a bit easier. Still, the knees are not getting rest. Times like this call for oxycodone or something. I'd sleep better. 

Tomorrow I am going to visit my Emmylou in Brooklyn, and John and Mel and some other stuff. I am concerned that it will devastate me emotionally although I am not all that stable anyway. I maintain, but I wake up from fitful sleep in tears. Tears are better than out-and-out terror which is another option.

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  1. I regret that I was not in a position to help you move. Moving is one of the most aggravating things I know about ... aggravating but at least not as bad some things we must endure in our life. Having friends help you move can make a big difference. If I am indeed working for the first time years, I plan to come to NY and of course visit you. Nice cat picture, looks real.