Sunday, December 28, 2014


In which we discuss our many current anxieties.

So, Saturday afternoon now. I have spent several hours noodling around on the internet, making a few calls on my newly fixed ($141.00 later) iPhone, doing dishes, crying (watched this a few times and it never fails), worrying, fretting, and then sometimes feeling positive hopeful and ready to make plans to bust the fuck out of this morass I am in.

I am so lost and confused I don't know that it is okay for me to spend time doing what I want ... well, almost. I really want to watch movies and tv shows on Netflix, but I have mostly not succumbed to that today. I have had a glass of red wine. 

The despondency comes, in part, from what to do about Emmylou. I can only take one kitty on the airplane and that has to be Cooder as she is the fragile one, most bonded to me. The rescue cat at M&J's is not adjusting to company, although they were assured that he liked other animals. The previous owners lied about that as well as other things. Any one who has any suggestions about where I might store her for a few months, I would be most grateful. 

I just feel nauseated and under-the-bed depressed.

Sunday evening now and many of my hoped-for Emmylou options have run out. 

There is a plan to see the Matisse show in the morning, so I am going to call it a night. And hope for a better break for tomorrow.

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