Thursday, December 11, 2014


Yes, transference of felines and person has been accomplished. Stage One. I am in my ‘jammies at 9:00 waiting for Melinda to get off of work. I have something in the oven, roasting slowly, but I think I will turn it up. I bought some Tater Tots (where in hell did that name come from???) from Trader Joe’s. I seem to remember Melinda and John liked them.

Emmylou was surprisingly calm on the drive down; she only got out of her Sherpa bag once, and only made three mad attempts to escape. No one miaowed.

The drive was beautiful, clear and cloudy skies after this morning’s light snow. The sky was so gorgeous and interesting that I had to ask myself if I were hallucinating. That could be the case, but it would have been from exhaustion.

There were Jesus rays over Jersey City.

Here are some snaps I took driving down the West Side Highway. 
Then Emmylou and Cooder settling in.
Then the new feline roommate.
Then the dining room ceiling.