Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Brewster Methodist Church.

Okay. I am still in Brewster, although I will make it to Brooklyn tomorrow. My car is partially packed and there is some clean-up and final boxes to stow away, but I am close to lift off. I give myself guff for taking so long, but, on the other hand, I didn’t get really crazy or depressed, nor did I do more injury to my back by being overly ambitious. I procrastinated some, but was able to keep myself from stepping into any philosophical or life-assessing black holes. So, that’s all to the good, right?

I was tempted to stay abed this morning, knowing that it was my last in that bed in that room. Being a bed-oriented person, there is something extra-symbolic for me in packing up that comfort zone, my nest of down and safety. However, on this occasion it neither upset nor depressed me. It didn't really even make me sad or anything. I was more concerned with getting it packed up and stashed away. 

Cooder likes the guest bed anyway, so for her it is probably a treat to sleep in here. I can still hear Emmy in the hallway, although I am not sure if she is sleeping in her spot at the top of the stairs. Emmylou and Albert followed me all day long as I ran up and down to the basement. Even though it was too wet outside for Albert, (or Emmylou for that matter,)  Albert did get some exercise. 

And even though I am in the farthest room in the house, I can still hear J practicing his bass. Such are the acoustics of this old house. 

I treated myself to red wine (Zinfandel) and pizza this evening. I also made brussels sprouts with olive oil, balsamic, garlic, parmesan, and ground cashews. I think walnuts or almonds would have been better.  Next time.

I had a lot of thoughts about moving and such, but now I am kind of out of intelligence and wanting to get a good night's sleep if at all possible. I am not sure where my sleeping medication is, so I need to go look for that. 

The snow fall was light today, unlike the infamous day not so very long ago when I moved away from B2. No more December moves for me.

As much as I can, I plan to go gentle into this goodnight.

These photos are from Ireland. It was very pretty out today, but I didn't have the time or creative capacity to shoot anything. I really love the swan photo.

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