Friday, December 19, 2014


Settling in here at the Park Slope branch of Thee Centre for Tiredness. I feel nearly jet-lagged.

Emmylou and the resident cat, Shadow (although I am lobbying to call him Jimmy after Jimmy Durante and his big nose) are working on a compromise. Cooder has retreated to the warmest, darkest, quietest place she can find which is under the bathtub. Although she was initially pretty chill with the whole situation, she freaked out last night when Melinda tried to get into her own bed, which Cooder thought was her place. Given that she is pretty much blind and doesn’t know Melinda’s smell, I think she just lost it.

Going out this afternoon to see the MacGregor-Clark family and have a delish Becky dinner. Hopefully, I will get in a nap before then so I am not completely dragging.

Now it is Tuesday. How did time fly by so? I have come down with a cold, which I am fighting with Double-Stuft White Oreos and Hulu Plus, where I am watching a French policier Braquo. I did manage to show, get dressed, and make the bed, although I have returned to sprawl. 

Now it will be Friday in three minutes. I talk to you all the time. But not with my fingers, only with my head. 

Just so you know I am okay, I am posting this. I've had a cold for the past four days and have been in varying stages of 'out-of-it'. And maybe the sickness has made me mellow as I am not freaking out about my usual dire situation. 

More to come. Here are Jimmy Shadow and Emmylou. Cooper is around, but not as photogenic at the moment. I am a bit worried about her as she doesn't like any of her food and is not eating enough. But more on that later, too.

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