Sunday, February 26, 2012


I'm really pretty good, notwithstanding looking at a week of some fairly intensive bill-wrangling coming  up. Although I am weary (young girls ... and old ones, too ... they do get weary), and I could trip heavily around the light darkly, I will vote for acceleration of income next week and stay open to it.

These good people, Bryan and Shirin, were married on Friday. Saturday night there was a most excellent dinner party for them. The greatest triumph for me was resisting the beautiful wines and spirits which were in abundance. I kept my eating and drinking moderate, remembered to hydrate, and was able to remember my responsibilty to work on Sunday with KaHug. Staying relatively sober in the presence of all the largesse of (damaging) fun was no mean feat. Not to mention the high number of amiable and interesting folks about. It was one of those parties wherein you wished time would stop so that it could just go on and on.

And I didn't even mention that there was a real hedgehog there. So cool. I have never been so relaxed at such formal event. I don't think the hedgehog had any bearing on that though. Perhaps being relaxed also helped me to not drink as in this kind of social gathering, I do nervous imbibe.

I dragged myself away from the time waster known as The Academy Awards. I watched about half of the show, enough to get a look at some of the clothes, which is my favorite part. I am using the new guilt stick of asking myself whether I want to remember the day before as one wherein I played solitaire for two hours or one wherein I did some yoga. I am very much fighting to reprogram myself to accomplish more of the things I think about doing. And not wasting time as much is an important motivator.

So, again, though this writing is not insightful or inspirational, I will cut it short in order to get in a bit of yoga practice which seems to have fallen by the wayside Ah-Gain! I did take a walk, clean the litter box, finish the dishes and straighten the kitchen, as well as started the pile of things to photograph for this week's eBay.

The Academy Awards, damn it, took folks away from computer screens and eBay, so I did not do well at all this week, hence the extra money stress.

All one big adventure. I just stole these pictures, but I cannot help myself. Shirin's smile makes me smile.

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