Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yeah. Quiet from this quarter. Not debilitated with depression or anything, kind of busy, kind of non-communicative. And there might even be a twinge of "falling off" the habit/commitment wagon.

Yet here I am again. After therapy, before meeting Iris to go to a lecture tonight, I dragged along my laptop so that I could camp out at the New York Public Library (not the one with the lions, although that is just across the street). I'm sitting a a small table near the squeaky escalator. There are laptop plug-ins, so we are always good with that. And I am the one white person at this table of six. I find that interesting.

I am not sure I really have time to go to a lecture sponsored by the Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences on The Origins and Evolution of the Universe, given that today is eBay posting day, but perhaps I will find it enlightening. It might confuse me. Sigh. Guess we will see.

Opposite me, across the room is are two windows. There is a huge American flag blowing in one of the windows. (This will not be a very good photo.) Just something I don't see every day.

Not surprisingly, I would that I were taking a nap. I have a bit of a headache, likely due to under consumption of water. That's not going to change right away.

Later that same night ... so I was glad I went. It was wonderful to see Iris. The lecture was fun and interesting. I felt as if I were part of the New York intelligentsia, and that felt good. I couldn't quote anything that was said, but I understood the general gist.

I left before Iris as I needed to get home and get that eBay thing going, but as I hurried to the subway I had to stop and grab this image of the Empire State Building. That's New York, right?

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