Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Leap Day. It is not all the fun and frolic as depicted on the last episode of 30 Rock, believe me.

For starters, it is a grey day outside. Ms. Becky, with whom I was to have dinner, predicts rain this evening. Although I have yet to check, she isn't prone to wimping out. Just to be irritating, there is still construction and street repaving work going on outside. Dark. Noisy. Grim. Okay then.

Next, we have impending rent due and a shortage of funds. Yes. Okay. And although I have managed to allay disaster with internet provider, gas, and cell phone, ConEd plans to pull the plug unless I give them a deposit that I can ill (or not) afford. Of course, given that I work mostly on line, that entirely negates my ability to work or to look for it. Seriously, these corporations have to rethink their policies in the light of changing economic times. My past due amount is only $16.

I don't know. Should I be ashamed and embarrassed to admit of difficulties? Will my current compromised straits and my openness about them compromise me? Make me appear to be a less than responsible, capable human being and thus impact my employablility? I guess we might find out.

The situation is not improved by those who owe me money, albeit a small (but crucial at this point) amount, are not coming across with the cash.

And then there is the worldwide perfidy, no extra examples, needed right? You all have the list right there is front of you, even if "Rick Santorum Running for President" is the only item.

So, I have this friend who works in an alternative high-school in the Northeast. This school is the last stop before dropping out, reform school, jail/prison, or early death. I've been hearing all about this school for several years now, so I trust my friend's reports.

Sadly, there seems to have been a shake-up and the formal principal, a fellow who seemed to understand that he is not dealing with Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and Reggie, was placed on "administrative leave." This morning, my friend sent me a magazine article which, hue and cry!, castigates the school for, in short, not living up to "one child left behind" standards. No where in the article does it mention the real nature of this school, nor the level at which the students enter. A school where we should be pleased that the students are still motivated and conscious enough to show up.

This article gives no context, and yet is fairly damning from the no-context point of view, from the "no child left behind" absurdist point of view.

I know how hard my friend works, how much he cares about his students, how punishing his job is even when it is going well. But this crap. This ignominy. This is perfidious, upper-class bullshit, adminstrate/rule by the book. This kind of administration is like bombing by drones. No personal interaction or responsibility. No long term thought or contextual analysis. Just "get 'er (standards) done or fuck 'em" ...

After all, they are mostly poor blacks, so what else would we expect. What's another life in these United States? If you don't have money or looks, you don't have any value anyway.

This person was desperately ill on the train yesterday. I know how she feels.

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  1. On a lighter note, I am disappointed that the kitten calendar does not have a leaping kitten for today's picture. The wolves are at the door. At least I have read that there is no documented instance of them killing people unprovoked.