Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have been thinking about the questions my commentator asked. And as it has been almost a month, I was sort of checking my progress again. On day one, I quoted what Ravi said at the retreat:

Practice itself cleanses our motivation.

I know where I am going by going.

Another comment on a later post, my same friend said

I encountered a great concept in learning to program. Basically it says there are only two things to be thinking about/working on at a given moment: the next biggest thing and the next smallest thing.

And now I am wondering if during writing practice/yoga practice that thinking about the next biggest thing and the next smallest thing take you out of observation/being of the now? In the writing practice/yoga practice the now IS what you are working on, no?

And then, I don't exactly couch my musings and practice as "problems."


  1. Hmmmm, interesting. No where did I say those things were "problems."

    I know what you are saying about thinking about one's goals/intent in doing something while in the activity can be a distraction even to the point of overwhelming and undoing the act. But how does one progress without a goal? The intent has to be carried without it being the focus of the mind. The intent is part of the whole picture.

    Take the activity of walking somewhere. Without the big thing of having a destination there is only wandering*. Without the small thing of placing the next step there is no movement. Yet it is possible to walk and be totally in the here and now of it, enjoy the movement through the world in a unconditional way, and still get to where one wanted to go when setting out.

    *I have nothing against wandering, love to do it myself...