Friday, November 26, 2010


but only by a few minutes. And believe me, I was in the "attention to the path" mode.

I was out of the house, fully functional by 10:15. Tim LaGasse and I made some to-die-for turkeys. I  spent most of the day in the kitchen with only about 45 minutes or so watching Nurse Jackie. Mostly I was standing up cooking.

No complaints. Just that lovely ability to focus on one task and not want to be anywhere else.

And then there was just the simple pleasure of working with others, Tim and Melissa, to make a killer, stand-out dinner. Which we did.

Sigh. A really lovely time. And someone brought Lagavulin. Heaven. We had a great time. And tons of food, as always.

And I'm still working on the thankful mode. For now, I will say that I am thankful for a beautiful day.

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