Friday, November 19, 2010


Just picking up a book, floating around the oasis/disaster that is my desk.

"How do you reach your destination if you do not begin on the right path?"
Maribeth Fischer, The Language of Goodbye

Now that is a hell of a question.

Not sure that there is a wrong path, other than anything that leads you to hurt other beings, or be out of integrity with yourself.

I had no intention of throwing myself still another curve of questions.

I worked a lot today. And, again, I thought about this post, this responsibility, this practice. And again, I waited until I could not give it the best of my attention and intention.

Which is interesting in and of itself, no?

Everything else is more important that than which is crucial to me, my being?

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  1. i agree with you. the path reveals itself one surprising step at a time.