Wednesday, July 30, 2014


No wifi at home today, so I am here at a Starbucks … crossed county lines to get here … Why did no one tell me that Starbucks coffee is pretty awful now. I could have saved myself $3 and just gritted my teeth through some black coffee instead. This is really terrible.

Oh well.

It is a day of pestilence I guess. My MacBook Air was reticent to start and I was all set to head to the genius bar to spend all the money I make in a month getting it looked at. My it decided to stop messing with me and here I am.

On the plus side, there is a garden outside my window here and I had the pleasure of watching a hummingbird feed. Also, I after l'eau de miel chaud, I went back upstairs to administer Greenies. Cooder indicated that she would entertain some petting, so I got back into bed and she settled on my chest to take a nap, heart to heart. That's a special thing. She is settling into Brewster again and I saw her downstairs this morning, likely in search of a sunspot.

As I pointed out on FB yesterday, Emmylou would like a gig as an office dog, as she generally settles near me while I work. 

Very noisy plus bad music, well not terrible really, The Travelling Wilburys, but all in all, not pleasant. I should have brought the good headphones. I hope silence and quiet returns to favor. This music is just knee jerk

As I was on my way here, I remembered that Wednesday is the Brewster Farmer's Market so I cruised by for some garlic, shiitake mushrooms, a head of red leaf lettuce, and some beets. Okay, I also consumed a croissant, but, given my other choices, that was virtuous. Although the siren call of an almond croissant was clear, I do remember my remorse at having consumed one from the very same vendor. And it is time to focus on health and clarity again.

And so to work. 

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