Sunday, July 13, 2014


Fireflies at dusk. When you don’t think there is magic, or you are questioning the wisdom of magical thinking, and then you see the flicker of fireflies across the landscape on a cool summer evening, well, it can restore a certain positivity in a person. And even if it is only temporary, it's lovely.

JV and I grilled chicken, corn on the cob, grilled potatoes a la SallyAnne (recipe at the end), skewers of pearl onions, mushroom, and cherry tomatoes. JV had never had grilled corn, only boiled. He's a convert now. The crazy next-door-neighbor bought the two of us a huge bag last weekend. I'll take the leftover cobs and scrape off the corn to use in a salsa, although I don't really like corn off the cob.

The next morning ...

Cool and overcast today, although the sun seems to want to appear. Might be a muggy one today. Tupelo just meandered out from his bedroom, Emmylou is beside me on the couch trying to groom herself, but having trouble with all that long hair. 

JV and I are both sad about moving, although he has far more reason. I just didn't think I would get so attached but it is so peaceful and pleasant here. My back feels a bit better, too, so I can move around a bit more easily.

My great niece, CCF, is touring Europe with her dad, who is a jazz drummer working with Burt Bacharach. They are in Lyon, France. I helped them find a restaurant that is open on Sunday, no mean feat in France. (Café Brasserie Chantecler.) The wonders of the internet. I liked Lyon when I was there 22 years ago. Plus, I am in a very French mood given my obsession with Engrenage (and Proust). Perhaps I will start dreaming in French again. 

I snatched a couple of her snaps from FB. 

CCF is a real Syberg, although she doesn't know this side of the family very well. She's completely into music and literature. Does that sound like anyone else you might know? 

And so the day goes. Back to packing, reading (The Elephant's Journey that I did not finish for my book group a year ago, This Rough Magic, a Mary Stewart potboiler from the 1960s), and an episode or two of Engrenage.

Grilled Potatoes å la Sally Anne

Pick long potatoes
Slice longwise, not too thickly

Place potatoes in pan to parboil, cover with water. 
Salt generously
Use chicken broth or bouillon or vegetable broth.
Par boil, but be careful not to over cook.

Marinate briefly (or not) in butter or olive oil
Herbs of choice
Balsamic vinegar is also nice.

Grill on both side to doneness.
Try to get the griller to not eat them all as they are cooked.

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