Thursday, July 17, 2014


Emmylou dislikes packing.
Tuesday late afternoon.

The rumbling has begun and it is dark for 4:00 p.m. The rain is supposed to go on for about twelve to sixteen hours. (I know that sounds heavenly for California.) When it rains, it rains straight down.

Tupelo dislikes the thunder, so is heading for the basement. I have a certain urge to go out and get drenched. Had he been a Cold War father, I am certain he would have been  among the first to build a fallout shelter. No doubt a staunch Republican as well. I can imagine the crew cut.

Emmylou doesn't much like the thunder, either, although she sees it as another opportunity to beg for petting.

Now, it is Thursday. This one will have to be short (hopefully sweet). S came out and we moved more stuff into storage. The weather favored us, although we were prepared with tarps, and we weren't fighting rain all day.

Headed back in to Brooklyn for the night to visit PS. Feeling anxious at the moment, but not sure why and don't feel as if I have much time to reflect on it today. Perhaps a nice drive and some time with an old friend will help. 

The sky was so pink.

Cooder was happy to be back on her own bed.

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