Monday, July 14, 2014


Later that same Sunday.

CCF at a Bocuse restaurant. 
Going through, packing up clothes, and doing something I’ve never been able to do before. I’m getting rid of things just because I don’t want them, or I’ve had them too long. It’s a strange feeling, as if I am just tired of the stuff. I hope that trend continues. The car is full of stuff to take to the thrift store tomorrow, some of it mine, some of it JV's. 

I'm here alone for the week, or at least some of it. Maybe I already said it. JV has a gig in Brooklyn and he's staying in town. I'll stay here and look after Tupelo and finish packing up my stuff. I am trying (I know, CB, there is no try, there is just do) to think positively about the future and that things may be more pleasant.

At any rate, I know it has been suggested to me that I don't need all this stuff. But it's how I feel now, internal not external. Divesting will take a while, as I have to do it in layers or phases, but perhaps this is the beginning of a lightening. I even asked myself why I thought I needed all of this. And there's a lot to go through. Stay with me, kids.

And now, Monday.

Honey and hot water. Sounding surf of cars. Emmylou reaching up for fondling. And here comes another week. 

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  1. back then you needed it or thought you did
    now you don't need it or don't think you do
    not so surprising even though it is a mystery
    hey, change happens
    so does cliche apparently
    thresholds crossed or moved