Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Is anxiety contagious?

Maybe it is just having Emmylou nearby or maybe it is just time or maybe it is something else, but I have been feeling better these past two days than I have in about four months. Chipper (if not outrightly cheerful), productive, focussed, you know, all the good stuff. Gosh, maybe even something like hopeful, but not actually hopeful.

But some nears and dears are in serious turmoil, some with reason I can see or has been told to me, other not.

The Alcott kids are all back in school, so the house, theoretically, will be quiet. M, J, and I were not so quiet last night, listening to music and eating pizza and being a bit of the throwbacks to our early-twenties selves. Yes! Pizza season has kicked off! I didn't get a picture but M did and when I get it, I shall post. There were ingredients that were on their way to going back and it was cool enough to fire up the new oven, so I did.

Tomatoes! Tomatoes! Tomatoes! M and I went to the Tomatoe Man up on Peaceable Hill Road and stocked up. I made two kinds of sauce. The orange and yellow tomatoes were so sweet one could remember that tomatoes are actually a fruit. They were more like overripe peaches, all squishy and juicy than those tasteless wedges all too often put on a salad.

Lookin' good, right? Tasting pretty good, too.

Cooder helped with the photography. This is upside down, but cool this way, no?

And then I did some explorin' on Sunday. I drove up to Pawling (14 miles north) and stopped at the John Kane House. Kane was a British sympathizer whose home was commandeered by the rebels and became Washington's hq for a couple of months in 1777, I think.

Well, time to get ready to drive to Brooklyn again.

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