Sunday, August 12, 2012


About to pack up Lil' Carl and head back to Brewster. As this is one of the Summer Saturdays that Bloomberg closes down some major streets for pedestrians and non-automotive travel, I took the subway to therapy thinking the streets might be congested. I likely could have driven and parked, making a clean getaway, but I did not. Emmylou needed a good 15 or 20 minutes of face and head petting anyway, but now I am about to take off.

Melinda didn't feel like cooking last night, so John took us out. I suggested we go afield, to the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, as there was no place to park in Park Slope anway. We ended up a bar called Hope & Anchor, where the karaoke was hostessed by a former Warhol Factory denizen by the name of Kay Sera. We were all so hungry, we ordered a too much fried food and lived to regret it.

Kitten sittin' near the rain.

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  1. Never been to Hope & Anchor but I know Fort Defiance up the road has got some great food and drinks without breaking the bank.