Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Emmy and Tupie are getting along pretty well.
Are pets some kind of addiction? One of the Bs and child are allergic to pets and this is the apartment where I am currently hanging out. I love the quiet. It is wonderfully calm here. But when I open the door, I immediately look for animals to greet me. The idea of getting into a pet free bed is just a bit lonelier. And I am not complaining here, I just notice.

I walked down the block to visit John and Emmylou this evening. As I came up the last flight of stairs, the door opened and just beyond I could see a fuzzy face looking worriedly in my direction. John said that he knew I was coming up the stairs when Emmy jumped up and ran to the door. He didn't her me, but she did.

While I am not terribly depressed at the moment, I am having a tough time staying on an even keel. I didn't sleep well last night, which makes me cranky and groggy. My much-anticipated plans for the day with a friend fell through in a dramatic way (incident involving a wayward cab). I did have a lovely nap but then I woke up. The small project I keep hearing is about to start gets delayed. And it is always difficult to keep perspective when one is so close to the precipice, or so one feels one is.

On the plus side, and I need to say it, I did pull out my resume for deployment (needs work again). I corresponded with some folks I had let drift away a bit. I had a good conversation with a good friend who is in a similar situation. And I even did a bit of the research I needed to do for a meeting I have tomorrow.

I know I am also beyond upset about this Todd Akin/rape ridiculousness. As I commented to someone, it does make me want to walk out into traffic and just lie down. If I somehow neglected to send you the Rebecca Solnit article about Men Explaining Things here it is. Don't miss it. Eve Ensler wrote an open letter to Todd Akin. It is shocking that such things need to be gone over.

Park Slope apartment house doorway. Cool right?

So to bed for now. Perhaps I will fall asleep in due time, at a reasonable hour, if I head that way now.

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