Saturday, August 18, 2012


Ah, the pets of yesterday: Cooder at the foot of our bed, Albert dozing in the sun in the hallway, waiting for his peeps to get up and get rollin'. 

The pets of today are Emmylou Irene Patsy Clownpaws and Tupelo, the Mighty.

And now back to Cooder and Albert. Yes, I am bouncing between Brooklyn and Brewster quite a bit.

Did not sleep for shite last night. Fortunately, or unfortunately, M had brought me the new Tana French, Broken Harbor, so I had something to burn through instead of mere tossing and turning. 

Today, besides making a marinated green bean and tomato salad, M, J, and I went to an open house at the nearby Ryder Farm which has been owned and operated by the same family since 1795. We got a tour of the original home (substantially altered, but the flavor of it was still there) and even took a hay ride (a wagon pulled by a tractor) around the property. 

A lovely feather-legged chicken and her cute chick.

Been on the farm for a long time.

Stunning day.

They grow flowers, too.

View from the back porch.

Near the back porch.

One week's worth of a farm share.

Farm machinery and a little guest house.


Chicken area there next to the building.

Looked as if it might get cloudy.

It is not my intention that this blog degenerate into just mindless photos. I realize the only yoga connection here is that I am still trying to do some kind of practice, as loose and imperfect as that is.

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