Saturday, January 2, 2016


I generally start my posts in MS Word. As this program opened spontaneously, I took it as a sign to get back to writing and posting.

Many hours later. But still on the first.

Cranky and creaky. That's how I feel about myself and writing. 

Living in Los Angeles, or just in the southeast Hell of it, has been very isolating. Even my mother exhorts me to get out and do more. Perhaps the first "out" is here, in writing to and thinking about you and what might be pertinent, interesting, and/or amusing.

The first day of 2016 was relatively productive for me. I continued my sorting, packing, cleaning, and tossing chores to the degree that I am seeing surfaces and storage areas hitherto obscured. 

I finished watching Making of A Murderer on Netflix. The first few episodes were riveting and depressing. It got easier for me after that, perhaps as I was inured to the stupidity and unfairness of it all. And Steven Avery lost my interest once I learned that he doused a cat in gasoline and threw it into a bonfire. Game over for me.

I do recommend it as a look into the penal system in this country. Fair and balanced were not words I would use to describe it. 

So, just keeping this short, I hope to make it to the pool again and get back to a swimming regime now that Janet is more mobile and somewhat less dependent on me. 

I have yet to commit them to paper or blog, but I have been mulling over some New Years' Resolutions as I generally find myself somewhat motivated to make changes at this time. And they are sorely needed. More visits to the dentist! New glasses! Back to a reasonable diet! Less alcohol! Less television and more reading! And a host of smaller incremental changes. I am considering a couple of rituals for the transition month, but have yet to commit to them.

Last year was confusing and painful and rife with loss. Although new kitties might lessen the sting of losing Cooder, nothing compares to Stuart. 

So here we go into another year. Perhaps there is something to be grateful for, some grace to be found in being raw and tentative. 



  1. glad to see you putting pen to paper again

  2. "...some grace to be found in being raw and tentative." YES