Friday, January 22, 2016


The weather is cool and grey today, with occasional sun rather wanly glowing from time to time. The air, pleasantly, is pregnant with moisture, so rain is likely in the offing. It’s cold enough to want to climb back in bed with for some book perusing and snoozing. Yet, I am all dressed for a trek to Ikea that I hope will be fast and easy.

The next day

Inasmuch as one complains about insomnia, (is there a god of insomnia? Or is it just the dark side of Morpheus?), sleeping terribly hard and late has a downside, too. For me, this morning, I can barely get myself moving. I am, even after an hour of being out of bed, still stupid and dull. I think my breathing is still that of deep slumber.

Later that same lifetime ...

I can't even remember when I started this particular post, but I know it has been several days. Lest too much time elapse ... okay I did look up elapse versus lapse but I don't feel well enough to parse it. So that tells you something.

Insomnia continues to plague me. Adding to the plague now is either allergies or a cold, and I am voting for cold. This is particularly vexsome (or should that be vexacious?) is that tomorrow is the first salon des Sybergs chez nous. I started the cooking in the form of roasting tomatillos and Anaheim chiles. 

However, I am feeling fairly punk at the moment, so we will have to see what tomorrow brings.

Apologies for brevity, etc.