Saturday, January 9, 2016


Just a short one tonight. Last night, I was out getting saki’ed with JS in from Brooklyn. Gosh, it were fun. We talked so much (and pounded some high quality saki) that dinner took three or four hours. How great is that. And first rate sushi, too!

A few things happened this week that I haven’t stopped thinking about. It was a bit stormy with my mom, who is really doing pretty well. She’s been a bit wiftier yesterday and today, but she gets around well. I had to do a drug run for her today, aka going to See’s Candies. Happily, I am not interested in candy at this time. As I like to say, I prefer my empty calories in alcohol and fat.

I worked with Liz Swados for about a year. She died this week. It didn’t go well for a variety of reasons, but I still liked her very much. She was the first person to pay me for writing a screenplay treatment. I was honored to meet her and to get to know her. 

I worked with her shortly after Carl died and I lost a job that I loved. As these two events still reverberate with me, one can imagine what I was like in the immediate aftermath. While working with Liz, I fell into deeper and deeper into depression (great timing while working on a project called My Depression). I really wasn’t fit to work at that point, which is something I will always regret.

And then Thursday was my one year anniversary of being in L.A. A year later and no Cooder, no Stuart, and, on a day like today, no hope. 

However, lest I leave myself and you with that thought, I still have Emmylou. I have my mom. I have a roof over my head and food to eat. Monsterwood is in print form. I have access to both a bathtub and a swimming pool. I have a library card. These are good things.

So, I will to sleep thinking that tomorrow might be better. And that I should recognize some of this sadness for a wave or the weather and let it roll on by. 

And the kale is thriving.

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  1. How is it possible that you have been in LA a year already? How time flies.