Sunday, January 3, 2016

How to Have a Better Day #1

2 Jan 2016

How to Have a Better Day #1

Wake up to the smell of brewing coffee, 
which will forever and always remind you of Martha, My Dear, 
getting up early and getting the coffee started;
Get on the scales to find you have lost two pounds in a day, 
those two pounds having been the result of inari the neighbor brought you 
and the Watsonville tamales, your brother's Christmas offering;
Drink honey and hot water, 
which your friend Carol suggested you drink each morning
to remind you to be sweet to yourself each day;
Sit down and watch two hours of the second season of Broadchurch
which has finally captured the attention of your finicky mother;
Have a sourdough English muffin, 
toasted in the new toaster oven, with chicken breakfast sausage;
Take a nice bath
            and read a good book or two while pruning your feet;

Give into an early nap.

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  1. I like this post and this theme. Especially as it made me feel better. And you as well, I hope?