Thursday, August 28, 2014


You may well already know this, but cats are weird. Although the food in the food dish is the same, Cooder would rather eat hers from a small cup on the bed, than on the floor. Very persnickety. Now, the two of them, in their respective places on the end of the bed are vigorously cleaning themselves. Emmylou is a constant cleaner anyway, but with all that hair, she has a lot to clean up. Cooder, being middle-to-old aged, keeps herself neat and tidy, but does not knock herself out with grooming.

She just came up on the bed for some petting, only to find a laptop where she should be. I had never really thought about what detriments laptops must be to cats. Books are much easier to move and handle so are more conducive for cat-lap access.

The next day - now Monday.

Here's a factoid: when you get rid of a bunch of clothes, there is suddenly more room in your bureau! I think I have one and a half empty, yes empty drawers at the moment. Of course, there is winter stuff in storage, but still, that's pretty cool.


I seem to have lost a certain hang of this blog. Either that or I am just on heat stun from the intense weather we've had this week. It was somewhat cooler today, and therefore tolerable, but given how hot it was last night, notwithstanding the torrential rains, I didn't sleep and was kind of out of it all day. It was cool enough today for Cooder to appear wanting attention (and Greenies). It's still hot enough to have the fan on.

So we crank out of another summer and into fall. The leaves on the tree in front of the house already have that undertone of yellow. 

Back to reading (Boy, Snow, Bird and The Madwoman in the Volvo) and just keeping quiet company with Emmylou and Cooder.

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