Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I have set myself some challenging challenges for the next two weeks: to stop “liking” things on Facebook and to not play Solitaire to relieve tension. I saw an article about the FB like challenge. I can share things and I can comment, but merely “liking” is not a sufficiently nuanced response nor an actual interaction.

Days later. Okay, well, it's not going perfectly, but I am having some success. "Liking" is such a habit, a knee-jerk response, and, in a way, just more superficial consumerism. It is effort to think of something short to actually say.

My sleep has been weird the last couple of days and I am exhausted. Last night, I found myself compelled to stay up to late to read Roz Chast's Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? which is sadly compelling (and highly recommended). I should be reading the damn Charterhouse of Parma, but while it, too, is amusing, it is much more demanding reading. Oh well, we carry on.

Although dear Albert no longer accompanies me on my longer walks, I have begun to integrate them into my routine again. Inasmuch as late afternoon/dusk is my logy-ist time, I have walked instead of napped the last couple of days. The bloom of spring is gone yet to be replaced by the glories of autumn. 

So, as the house is quite quiet at the moment, I think I should use this opportunity to see if I can't get caught up on a bit of shut-eye.

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