Sunday, August 10, 2014


Though the results might have been less than stellar or even lackluster, I did to push myself to write that last post. This phase of my life is all about pushing myself, so some progress/productivity occurred. 

In the last couple of days, I have had some substantial telephone chats with folks I needed to connect with. My mom and I had a most interesting chat yesterday afternoon about responsibility, something we are both pushing ourselves on. One would not think would be in such synchronicity with one's aged parent on such a topic, but there you go. 

Days later. Saturday night/Sunday morning in the wee small hours.

I started this before the post about Tupelo, but he deserved and warranted a post all to himself. But I can't sleep and I don't like it. My sleep cycles have been off for a few days now, staying up too late, sleeping in.

This morning, however, I slept in because Cooder was all cuddly and purry. I woke up with her nose touching my nose, which was quite sweet. I did have to move a bit so that I could breathe. Her companionship seems ever more precious as I know her "time ain't long..." although there is nothing new wrong with her that I know of. She seems quite comfortable, mostly staying in my room with forays to the bathroom where she prefers to drink water. She doesn't try to get into the tub here, but as it is an old clawfoot, it is not all that easy. The litter box is here with us so that she doesn't have to go all the way down to the basement. 

I had the tristesse about Tupie today. Other friends have a lot coming down on them, too, so maybe that staid my enthusiasm. I listened to another show I didn't go to, this one with The Campbell Brothers Sacred Steel Band and Cassandra Wilson. It was just so lovely to lie on the bed with Cooder and Emmylou and listen.

Tupelo's passing is a big milestone for me, too. He has been a part of my life for almost 20 years. I am so glad that JV brought him out to Holbrook for the last six weeks. Tupie and Emmylou became friends, sharing an evening rove around the garden, both at the door to get out. I am surprised that Tupie declined so rapidly, or so it seemed to me. When I left less than two weeks ago, he still seemed to be digging life.

But as JV is also experiencing the sale and transfer of his familial home, perhaps Tupelo senses it is time for JV to move on in other ways. Animals can be so perceptive and tuned in to their humans. Of course, this does not make anything any easier and I continue to tear up, off and on. 

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