Thursday, August 7, 2014


Requisite cat nap snap.
I had a very restless and not satisfactorily productive day. Which is not to say that it was a bad day at all, but my motivation and resolve flagged somewhat. I did get some quality hang-time with Cooder, however.

Perhaps I was disappointed that I did not go into Manhattan to see a free concert with Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell at Lincoln Center. It was kind of rainy and threatening, and after my drenching last summer at Celebrate Brooklyn, I didn’t want to sit through that again for almost anyone. But also because I felt, given my straitened circumstances, that I shouldn’t spend the money to get there. So, while the decision was a good and responsible one, I was maybe sad. 

On the plus side, the A sisters are back from their cross-country drive and year in Arizona for AKA. M&J and Albert are just delighted to have them back. There is a lot of love and joy and positive buzz in the house, which is lovely and fun. Yesterday, when they arrived back was crazy punishing warm, so all we gals put Albert in the car and went to awalk at the reservoir, the first time I have been since I returned. Afterwards we ran out of shady bike trail,  we made the trek up to Kent to get more of that great gelato I had purchased at the Farmer's Market. Much yum. I had sea salt caramel, scary good. We bought some pistachio for J, but ate quite a bit of it. Pistachio might be the best flavor. I might have to try it with the sea salt caramel.

I should to sleep as it is late. My new assignment from Sociative (the site will actually tell you more about it) is more time consuming than the last couple. I had an interesting chat with ECA and a friend, both recent college graduates, who have quite a resistance to social media. I was quite surprised as media, social and otherwise, would have us believe that all youngsters LOVE it. ECA remarked that it was a challenge for her as this focus on social media happened just as she was hitting the job market. 

In other news, before it got crazy hot, I made some damn fine pizzas. Eh. Cooder is importuning me for you-know-what and I should make an attempt at sleep.

One of my friends said this looked like the surface of the sun.
Oh, and one more thing. Jason R has a Kickstarter going to raise funds to get out a graphic novel of Monsterwood. Should you want to check it out, here's the link.

(The French word "salmagondis" means a hodgepodge or mix of widely disparate things.)

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