Saturday, May 24, 2014


Another grey day, although this one has moments of seductive Spring beauty. I am not convinced that the blue will overcome the grey, today at least.

I am psyched as my new glasses are ready. I'll be heading there shortly and the relief of being able to see is adding to a better mood. I'm still not sure what I will be doing for the weekend as I did not make plans to replace the one scotched for Schroon Lake. It's B2's birthday and there is a bash for her up in the Connecticut river house. Going that way is a commitment of the rest of the weekend, given travel time (2.5 hours). There's been talk of a long-delayed adventure to Brewster as well. 

But staying put, working on my projects, chatting with CandJ about my current conundrums, reading Proust, watching actual movies also appeals. The question is which will better improve my spirits and disposition, and move me further on my current quest for productivity and peace of mind? I do get a bit lonely out here, notwithstanding the good company of John and Melinda, and there is sure to be fresh stimulation heading North. But if I can get in a better groove here ... Oh well, I have some time to decide ...

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John and Tupelo headed back to Brooklyn this morning. Tupelo is pretty much unable to groom himself anymore, given girth and arthritis, so his long hair gets very matted. He was looking very much like Bill the Cat. As I was around yesterday, I took the opportunity to groom him, off and on ,during the day. I think it hurts him to combed with all those matts, so he gets pretty angry and one doesn't want to short circuit him in his delicate condition. So, I would take off a couple of pounds of hair (I wish I could take off a couple of pounds so easily) and let him calm down before I woke him from his respite to make more progress. But he does look quite a bit better now. 

Emmylou and Cooder also dislike combing and run away if they see me with grooming implement in my hand and intention in my eyes. Cooder is particularly shed-y if I have been away as she really doesn't let others pet her and there's a build up. The Mighty Clouds of Cat Hair,  indeed.

The noble beast pre-grooming.

I did manage an hour's walk yesterday and came home tired. There were no plans for dinner and John suggested spaghetti. (How can we get away from pasta? It's just those refined carbohydrates we need to avoid. But spaghetti is one of my favorite foods.) John headed out to the store, I set to work to augment a jar of sauce. I was nearly asleep on my feet (too much fresh air??) but if I am going to eat pasta, it had better be worth the calories. In a relatively short time, passed pleasantly as I listened to the last of Marmee and Louisa (very much recommended to feminist historians). Once the sauce was simmering away, I took myself to a cat nap with a cat. I woke before my 30-minute alarm to pouring rain and a delicious smell of tomato sauce and was, for the moment, content. The sauce was excellent and the pasta, some off-brand I had picked up at Big Lots, was perfection. I could have eaten all of it.

So much for Saturday morning nattering. Time to get dressed and see what seeing again will be like. 

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