Thursday, May 8, 2014


Pinks at the post office.

I realized that it is not only the physical world that differs from the aspect in which we see it; that all reality is perhaps equally dissimilar from what we believe ourselves to be directly perceiving and which we compose with the aid of ideas that do not reveal themselves but are none the less efficacious, just as the trees, the sun and the sky would not be the same as what we see if they were apprehended by creatures having eyes differently constituted from ours, or else endowed for that purpose with organs other than eyes which would furnish equivalents of trees and sky and sun, though not visual ones.

- Marcel Proust, The Guermantes Way

One would have though, I would have thought, that, given my current (and hopefully short-lived) leisure, I would have been more assiduous in my postings, but, as I said here recently, my internal dialog has been a bit vacant. I've wanted to sleep quite a bit and have indulged in a couple of epic naps with Cooder curled in my arm on the pillow, purring away, Emmylou at my side. Now, that was a delicious indulgence. It has been hard to wake up after such an afternoon sojourn with Morpheus and Bastet. 

I have endeavored to get back to better eating, less alcohol consumption, and a daily walk with some success. Today will be a challenge on the walking front as it is rainy and invited more time spent reading (The Secret Diary of Franz Hals, The Guermantes Way, and/or The Prone Gunman) with Cooder on my lap. I have to admit that one reason my cats don't qualify as lap cats is that my lap is not usually available; I am usually on line or knitting or some such thing that does not lend to a good, solid feline snooze. 

However, it being cloudy but NOT actually raining, I think I might venture out now before the call of that bed gets too loud again. 

The meeting about my possible employment went well, although the time table has shifted significantly. Perhaps that contributes to my slightly negative world-view malaise. That, and the job will be out here in Long Island and not in New York City ... or at least that's how it looks at the moment. Although I have enjoyed living in this house, it is about to go to sale contract, so we have to go. I've done a little bit of online scouting of alternative places to live. I'm probably going to have to drive around more to find the right spot that is midway between Brooklyn and Bethpage. 

The dock near Sayville, Kingston Clam Shack.

Oh, and our pilot did not get picked up. I keep forgetting that ... I so wanted that show to see air. True, it was a zombie or undead show, but it had such great twists ... I wanted to see what happens! So, that's probably making me blue, too.

JV is working out in the wood shop, so maybe I should go join him for a couple of hours. Either that or get busy with with walk.

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