Saturday, November 2, 2013


Don't you love it when animals wheeze and snore? Cooder is all curled up next to me with just a whisper of a snore. Albert snores quite often, too. Emmylou, not so much. Or maybe all her fur muffles it.

The next day. The kittehs know something is up. They are eying me warily as I tear upstairs and down, organizing and packing. 

The house slept in this morning,which rather surprised me as we all went to bed reasonably early. I have been a bit slow in getting going, stopping by the Brewster Farmer's Market, the library, where I had a lovely chat with Michelle my favorite librarian, and at the Eagle Eye Charity Shop where I exchanged words with Flo. I had tears in my eyes. I rarely leave anywhere easily. Then I stopped by Salinger's Apple Farm, Farm Market & Bakery for some local honey and some apple cider biscuits to share with B2.

Later that day.

Okay, well I should post this now. I still clean-up to do, but the car is packed. I know I'll be back soon to finish cleaning, organizing, pitching, and all. 

Off we go, into the wild blue yonder ...

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