Wednesday, November 6, 2013


My window, upper left.
Up crazy early this morning. The kittehs were restless. I really needed to get up for some relief and thought I would just go back to bed. I could hear B2 was up; that gal be workin' it. She has such a full day it made me want to go back to bed right then.

But, the kittehs did want some attention. And if part of this relocation is to change some habits, well, I thought getting up and working for awhile, at least, might be a reasonable start. I came across this quote somewhere yesterday. 

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

Cooder and I shared some Non-fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt for breakfast. Yum. But now, curatorial work done for the moment, I can crawl back into bed for a bit. 

Check this out.

Now, Wednesday and there go the church bells again. Cooder is sitting on the table at my left elbow soaking in some rays and watching Emmylou scamper about the small space as best she can. I will have to figure out more perches and playthings for them. Sigh. And I need, as I have likely said, to get back up to Brewster for another load of stuff and to clean up. A collector's work is never done. 

I was hanging out with a pal yesterday and what should we hear around noon but that same yellow hard-hat guy (although we didn't see him) walking down the street singing a labor nonsense song? 

I have been walking a bit although it does not feel as fulfilling or purposeful nor as companionable (Albert!) but I have't really been able to focus on it. On Monday, I walked up to B1 who is now 15 minutes away by foot (and that's probably faster than driving as parking could take that long or more). And last night, I walked over to John and Mel's, more-than-five-less-than-10-minutes away. But I need to get in a good hour, perhaps in the park or Greenwood Cemetery.

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