Sunday, November 10, 2013


I never leave easily any where I've hung out a lot or lived. Well, except for the apartment on 17th Street in Windsor Terrace, which I never liked. So, I have some sadness tonight.

Things are not bad, but I am absolutely feeling the transition, the in-between-ness. Tonight, I am back in Brewster to organize and pack up more stuff. The car already has as much furniture as will fit, although I have a couple of other pieces I would like to take, small things. I will be able to live without them, though.

The green room is all full of stuff to pack into the car tomorrow. Softer things that will fit into nooks and crannies. It's very peaceful here, and I nearly fell back into my old habits of sitting on the couch, listening to some audio book (this time, the YA book, The Fault in Our Stars), or playing solitaire. 

I brought back all of my books and audio books to return to the Brewster Library; I don't know when I am going to be back and I should try to make more of a break. M & J are considering downsizing which makes a lot of sense as their house is huge for two people and a little-ish dog. 

Albert was out with his parents so I didn't get to take a walk with him. Maybe tomorrow if I am efficient in getting the rest packed up and organized. I do want to try to get back to the city early. More unpacking and organizing there and finding a place to park and and and.

So, the last few days have been very internal and trying to stay away from the dark and scared and worst-case scenario side of musing. I have a lot of Proust to read this week and I need to get that job mojo working asap. B1 got me a little proofreading gig, but there's no telling when that cash will flow my way. There's graphic novel work to be written as Louise and I did a great job of brainstorming some details last week.

And I have some socializing to look forward to. I might have lunch with my nephew who lives in Williamsburg. And I called up my friend Connie and we are going to try to see each other this week. But the focus is on work and sustaining myself which is going to take a lot of effort.

I do miss the kittehs here. I thought about bringing Emmy so that she could hang with Albert and have some space, but she has a tendency to get outside with doors flying open as I come and go to the car. Guess I won't see this in the morning.

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