Monday, November 4, 2013


Short again. But hey, we have wi-fi. Writing from bed.

I did't get out of Brewster until about 5:00. I unpacked half of the car, and the kittens, myself, fortunately finding a place in front of the building, but having to climb up two flights of stairs. B2 came home and helped with the rest. I honestly don't know where the evening went, but neither Cooder nor I slept very well.

Today was spent mostly unpacking, cleaning, re-arranging, running errands, and getting the Wi-Fi working. I did get a most delicious bath and started reading Proust again. I have  many many pages to read in the next three weeks.

For now, I will try to sleep again. Cooder is at least curled on the end of our blow-up twin mattress on her favorite nap blanket. Hopefully, we will get more rest.

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