Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The hydrangeas are a bit different here. John and I went for a walk in the park and around the neighborhood a bit. Reminded me of the bushes up on Carriage Hill Road that I have posted photos of, but clearly this is a much younger plant.

I've been generally productive today, but I am not concentrating very well now. Well, it is 11:26 and I should likely be in bed reading Proust. Yes! The Kermit Place Readers are back into Proust for November and it is most delicious.

Emmylou is back to her ridiculous sleeping positions. We are a little short of sleeping surfaces here. There is a lot of musical chairing going on with the three of us jockeying for positions. It will be better when I get another chair or two and a proper bed. Whatever the size of the bed, I am going to it now.

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