Saturday, April 9, 2016


Rainy day, dream away. Although I have plenty to do, of course. It's the second rainy day in a row. Actual April showers here in Southern California. What a field day for the  ... weeds. I am sure the flowers and new transplants will be happy, too. But getting ahead of those weeds again.

Well, if I get my work done today, I can pull weeds when the earth is still damp. That makes it a whole lot easier.

Re-entry to caregiving was a little rough. I didn't sleep so well on Wednesday night, and we know that makes your humble narrator a cranky gal.

One thing about getting up early is that you can futz around a lot and it is still not terribly late. But I do need to work. And the nap weather is just begging for me to zone out.


Yes, there was a good rainy day nap involved and yes, there was a cat involved as well. It happens. When you are lucky.

Palm Springs was a thrift shopping jubilee. At mostly reasonable prices. K and I found some cool thrift shops in Joshua Tree as well. This late 19th/early 20th century Austrian pitcher was only $5 and Janet loves it. The larkspur, roses, and snapdragons are from our garden.

My mom just asked me if I remembered Oregano. I was besotted with the herb so we named a kitty so. I have a significant oregano plant out in the garden, as well as rosemary, lavender, cilantro, curly parsley, thyme, marjoram, basil, thai basil, purple basil, and rue. The garden is kind of going nuts. Much to Janet's delight.

Elvis and the muse have left the building.
So to bed.

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