Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Well, first, the salon was a great success. The company, the food, the evening, all in all, just sweetly divine. It was the first party to take place in that backyard in a many a year. We did drink Purple Rain cocktails, kindly supplied by Debee and John. Even Janet had one, a small one, and proceeded to enjoy the rest of the evening. Debee brought a copy of 1999 to go along with the tribute drinks. We were up until after 12:00. But no worries about the disturbing the neighbors since one of them was there.

And I did get the patio clean enough for humans to walk through it. I have yet to have the energy to revisit the remaining boxes and what not, but it has only been two days.

And truth be told, I wasn't feeling even a little well today, although I think I am a bit better this evening. I didn't sleep well and had another terrible nightmare. If I don't take something to help me "stay down," I wake up every two hours or so.

I did get my Sunday-Monday work done, but little else. I have tried to work on my embroidery projects, but that is almost out of my current skill level. Also, I am at a point where I am matching threads and I am not sure I have that much focus.

So, although I have some further thoughts on my last post, as well as some good comments from some of you, I will call this goodnight and watch the last episode of Janet King while I hope for a more restful night. Emmylou is happily conked out on my dirty clothes on the floor, while Vera is all curled up on the extra blankets. (It got a little bit cold today.)

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  1. I finally got a chance to read and excerpt! I must say the title did catch my eye because I have been getting a more restful night myself. Ramsay is finally sleeping through the night. Yessss! That means I get to sleep at least 5 hrs straight through. Haven't had that in years. I wish I could have been there for your purple party. Sounded like fun. Miss you x