Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Progress, progress, be my pillow
Be my comfort, let me sleep
In the coolness of forward motion
In completion I can reap...

With apologies to the Youngbloods. I had to stop and have a moment of reflection and breath rather than dwelling in the undone. I seem to be all off or all on.

I finally (thanks to Michael Wahrman holding my hand over the telephone) got my bug blaster operational. Now, I have to treat all those tomatoes, and, baby, there are a lot of them. I had my mother help me get some of them staked better so that I could reach them as they were a deep and viney mess.

One must respect the will to live and reproduce that tomatoes have. Those spider mites are everywhere yet that plant keeps going. I have hopes that this water treatment will work and that they will thrive. Meanwhile, it looks like fresh tomatoes and pasta for dinner tonight.

This is the plant I worked on the most.

Today's harvest from that plant.

If you were me, you might wonder why I took on the task of all this gardening. Sebastian, our gardener came over yesterday with the rest of the dirt, so now, besides tending to all that is going on in the garden already, I have a bunch more to plant. I don't have an answer to this question. More activity all the time? I can remember the very big upside that it pleases my mother a great deal.

Will somebody out there remind me to enjoy myself a bit?

In other positive news, I have been (with utter appreciation) resupplied with some sleeping medication so I am getting better rest, even if I am still having nightmares. I had a terrible one about Jason R and Monsterwood last night, but after some trauma, it came out great.

Also, some of you might not even know that the first volume of this is actually published. I wish that I could send one to each of you, but I cannot. If you wish to buy it however, here is the link.

Okay, feeling better now. Guess I will clean up and find other fun tasks to accomplish until it is cool enough to get back out there and attack the spider mites.

Napping friends.


  1. Enjoy yourself!! I do know what you mean about gardening, seems totally alien to me and yet I do it, I know not why.

  2. I started a container garden for several reasons but one of them was to explicitly have something that would take me out of the house and into the sunlight more or less once a day. Actually it turned out that I did some of the gardening at night, but at least I got outside. I also found it unexpectedly educational to watch plant development (since I dont have kids and never had puppies or kittens either). Now I have an opinion on nature vs nurture. And it was very interesting to see the fierce darwinian struggle that goes on every day in that battlefield garden. Death to All Spider Mites.

  3. foodwise and deliciouswise few things beat a fresh good tomato