Wednesday, September 10, 2014


And lo! we dwell in the valley of the pillows. 

Just who are you calling moody? It would certainly not be me, sitting here sipping a late summer gin-and-tonic after kind of good day. Not me sitting here feeling both sad, despondent, happy, and content in the same second. I wonder if there is word any where out there for holding diametrically opposed emotions or feelings at the same time? Hmmm… what culture that I know about … might have a word for that … Actually, I don’t even know if I can imagine such a culture, but then, I am no anthropologist. Maybe the Italians? Didn't they have a movie called The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly? That's a plethora of concepts in one place.

Besides the usual bad that I talk about ... and even that "bad" is minus depression at the moment ... nothing beyond my state of life and the state of the world. The ugly is a thoroughly inexplicable, perplexing rift with someone I thought was a close and true friend. Perhaps that will smooth out, but it is making me sad, disquieted.

On the good side, this library thing feels quite good. Of course, if I have internet access, I have the ability to waste time wherever I am, but I have fewer distractions. Focus is a desirable thing in folks like me. I went to two different libraries today because one closed at 5:00 and I didn't feel I had accomplished enough. The second library, Mahopac Public Library, is on a lake with giant windows facing across. 

In other good news, I woke up sandwiched between Emmylou on one side and Cooder,  in her rare but my favorite place, curled up in my arm, purring next to my ear. Maybe the cooler weather is encouraging her to such behavior. But I am all for it

The weather was nearly breath-taking today, the Fall equivalent of one of the relieved delightful days of early, promising Spring. I drove around quite a bit (these libraries are far-flung) but I had a sweet time driving down country roads, listening to The Two Towers audiobook (yes, I am pushing on with Tolkien). And, best of all, I found a cool music site for new music, Bandcamp. I heard some great stuff. Yes, it distracted me from some of the other things I need(ed) to do, but there was some joy involved

Okay. Enough blathering for the moment. I have to get up early and get a bag packed for another sojourn to New York City. 

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  1. The Japanese wabi-sabi or mono no aware to describe sweet melancholy or sublime sadness might fit, Also the Portuguese saudade.