Saturday, September 27, 2014


Though the trees are still mostly green, the rustling has started. And then there are THE APPLES. M and J brought home a bag of Macouns from Salinger's Orchard. Believe me when I tell you that they are like eating heaven. M and I "toasted" apples as we had our first ones. Apples and cheddar. Do you feel me now?

I would that you were all here to see this splendiferous autumn day. Stellar. I hope we get another one tomorrow as I am back at the library, trying to work on some critical, odious, and oft-procrastinated writing duties (resume, Linked-In update, etc.) This week has largely been devoted to completing a draft of Monsterwood. Louise is proud of the work, and coming from a two-time Emmy winner for writing, there’s a damn good chance the rest of the world will find it valuable as well.

Besides editing the script this week, I had a day of cooking trance which I have not had for a quite a while. I made some kind of mole-chili out of disparate but well-matched ingredients. The kickers, I think, were the spice package for turkey mole tamales that I bought in LA some time ago, and the Trader Joe’s Tomato/Red Pepper Soup and Butternut Squash soup … I was in the zone and not paying any attention to anything else for many hours … except for stopping to edit. 

From Sean Wilsey's More Curious

Obama went right to Mark Gallogly, my neighbor, embraced him, then addressed the economy from the podium" "I'll be looking for advice from all of you in this room."

I thought, I'd tell you what I wanted to tell President Barry Rosenbloom. We have elevated money to the level of humanity. But money and humanity are enemies. Enemies who feed off, lie to, and use each other. There can be no freedom in this situation. Only fear. By elevating money you give it a vote. So what does money think is the ideal global condition? And what does humanity think is the idea financial one? The disastrous answer to both of these questions is: more.


A situation of foregone failure, or mutual conning (a consensus to ignore doom somewhat reminiscent of our national decision-making process), had been set up ...

Alrighty, then. Need to get this posted and start on another. 

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