Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Back at the Mahopac Public Library again. I found a great table near a window, but there is no electrical outlet there, so I had to move to a less groovy spot near a snoring woman. But I do have a big window not too far away, and I can at least see the blue sky, clouds and trees. It’s so pretty here; sometimes where I am just driving somewhere, I momentarily forget my … stressful predicament …

(I just sneezed and woke up the snoring woman, who said “Bless you.” She’s got her head down and is going back into it.)

A small problem with my current location is that I am smack next to the biography section and I can see just glancing many books to tempt me. I did pull out a biography of Toulouse Lautrec. I’m going to check it out … in the taking it home sense. Would any of you be tempted by the multiplicity of Oscar Wilde biographies? There are five of them within steps ...

(Yep, she's back to the deep snore. Glad I did not interrupt her.)

As I drove in today, I needed some sustenance and found a well-stocked natural food market. AND !!! a well-reviewed Mexican restaurant. I will definitely check out that place. 

Much later and not enough work done. But at least I am applying ass to chair. It is very cold in here today. I'll have to bring more layers tomorrow. It's even more beautiful now as it is magic hour. 

I'm still making my way through Sean Wilsey's More Curious, although I am not as impressed with it as I was at the beginning. Given that it is a book of previously published essays, I will give him the benefit of the doubt as a writer, going forward he is bound to mature. This is from an essay in 2002, still prescient today:

I thought unpatriotic thoughts about America. How we'd all been living in a bubble of ease for the last ten years while bombing, How, thanks to our droneish work ethic, the attack was on big office buildings full of prompt people eager to earn money. Were this Spain no one would have been in those buildings. Why couldn't the US be opposed in values by someplace that wanted us to take long siestas and eat for hours at midday—and would stop at nothing to undermine our current system of insufficient sleep and bolted sandwiches?

I like this one, too.

Escaping from sadness is what made this country. We are all escapees.

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