Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The morning glories are ignoring the season. 

In explaining why space is worth exploring, as NASA has frequently found itself doing, there’s a mistake supposition, because—as with anything of real value—the benefits are largely unknown. Why do it if you know you are doing it? It’s a philosophical matter, almost religious in its insolubility. Why do we need to love or live at all? The answer is in wondering. 

-      —  Sean Wilsey, More Curious

Gosh, that sounds nice. I, myself, do not find the wondering about the meaning of life, why I am here, why does it hurt so often, all that awe-inspiring.

But, on to other issues. 

My little table at Grand Central Terminal.
Very grey again today, kind of making even the outdoors feel like the indoors. I found it rather oppressive and maybe foreboding? That did not keep me from finally getting my ever-larger-ass out of the house to take a walk. I always feel so busy. I did not get done what I had planned to today, mostly packing up this room or in my storage space making room for more things. I think the walk may have been the only thing on the agenda that did get accomplished. 

Which is not to say that I was idle; I was busy enough with household chores and Sociative work. I did continue to update my Linked-In profile. Resumes and all are such thankless, difficult tasks, particularly for those of us who are ... self-diffident. 

At any rate, I feel as if I have lost the rhythm and trick of writing this blog. My internal narrator and observer is just not fully functional these days. I think just writing more may help, but it could make for some less-than-stellar posts.

Part of this ... disaffectation (fyi, that is not a word this dictionary here knows) ... is worry. Worry about my future, about my finances, and about a couple of friends who are having some very serious life challenges. I can't, of course, write about them and their very serious issues, but I am thinking of them, and thoughts of them are on my mind quite a bit.

All right then, some more photos and I am off to bed. Wish me sleep luck.

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