Monday, October 20, 2014


The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts.
— John Locke, philosopher (1632-1704)

That’s another one of those quotes that I hope is not true. I feel deficient in both thought and action.  But I am going to think on it some more. (I can hear CB quoting Yoda: There is no try, just do.)

I had another frustrating day. On the other hand, I could say that I had a successful day as I did not fall all the way under the spell of either megrims or dementors. Maybe that was my work, my progress for today. I admit it: I am fighting off a down, a disappointment from the job that did not work out last week. I didn't even talk about it as I didn't want anyone else getting to excited, but a job would really help about now.

So, it is time to leave the library so that I can have a few minutes of calm before JR and I do some Monsterwood work. The rain has begun.

Saturday morning ...

So this has happened in, I don't know, probably 25 years. I dreamt about writing a novel, I was writing in the dream and I could see the words. The title of the book was This Is Going to Be My Year. There was a character named Gale Jewel ... the last name will be Irish. Then I did a segue into another book I worked on where the main character was Henry Lafayette and I was working on the back story. 

And now it is Monday afternoon at the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library. It's busier than it sometimes is. I came here because I spent the morning packaging up a bunch of items to be mailed to various folks. I needed to get them out of my room. I did laundry, changed the sheets (much to Cooder's chagrin; she was a bit indignant that I interrupted her morning nap), and read in the second book I am using as reference material for the Monsterwood novel. Louise and I are interested in trying to write it from more than one character's point of view so I have a small stack of YA books that do just that. The one I am reading now, Like No Other, is mostly interesting in that one of the protagonists is a Hasidic teenaged girl. 

Okay, this is short and not very philosophical so I will see if I can't just get a little work done.

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