Thursday, October 9, 2014


October 1, 2014 

Today is a day for extra prayer and hope as I am having my Honda, Lil’ Carl, inspected today. I am using my birthday money I have saved.

My writing irregularity is not good. Nothing bad is going on, notwithstanding my extremely low spirits last week. The week has been busy with a particular concentration on the elements of job hunting. And, I have been a little bit under the weather, now and again, even spending a day in bed. And I didn’t even read or watch Netflix.

The best parts of being sick were listening to The New Yorker Fiction podcast, which I highly recommend if you like being read to and then hearing interesting people discuss the writing of that story and writing in general, and having Cooder doing a lot of purring on or next to me. I recently read an article about the benefits of purring, for cats and humans.

October 5, 2014

I am currently back on the train to NYC, somewhere near Fordham at the moment, headed to get my hair colored by Mistress Melinda, and try to drum up some work. There’s another New York Council meeting on Tuesday, so Louise and I will spend Tuesday working on more aspects of Monsterwood and maybe even kicking off our next project.

Autumn has been spec.tac.u.lar. There have been times when it has been a challenge for me to even drive, as I am so frequently started and dumbstruck by the beauty around me. I have taken to choosing different routes as I travel to one library or another, so that I can enjoy the golden glow outside, as well as listen to A Feast of Crows, the fourth volume of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice. I remarked to J and M that it is intoxicating to see the colors of fall. I know I have lived on the East Coast for 20 years, but somehow, I have never seen the process of autumn quite so closely.

Okay, back to The Charterhouse of Parma, even if I will not be able to make it to my book group meeting. I am almost done and I should finish.

Here's my favorite quote from this book

"... except for my friend the Marchese Crescenzi, who has an income of three or four hundred thousand lire, everyone here steals; and who would not steal in a country where the recognition of the greatest services lasts no more than a month? It means that nothing is real and that nothing survives disgrace except money ..."

Still life, real bad cat with faux fruit.


  1. No, nothing survives disgrace. We have no choice but to go on. Perhaps some day later in life we get a chance to redeem ourselves and are able to correct the wrongs.

  2. Their failure to properly appreciate our genius will be their undoing. I agree with John, we must be vindicated and show people what they should have known to begin with.

  3. Why vindicate? Be graceful ,honest, and positive. People will believe their own truths. Forcing your world order is a relic .