Friday, January 3, 2014


At least it doesn't happen very often. I just spent 45 minutes writing a snow day post, only to lose it all. And the circumstances have changed since I wrote a snapshot of the morning. JV is up now, watching the news. Emmylou is sprawled in the hallway instead of the bed. Cooder is pacing for Greenies rather than curled cutely on the pillows. 

The sun is out now. The snow is likely mostly blown from trees. JV thinks we got about a foot. There will be some digging today. 

Here's the house. Well, well, well. Made it through the day doing a lot of cooking. Hmm … how surprising is that? Bread. Tomato soup. Chicken/black-eyed pea tacos. Thai turkey sausage with brown rice. Here's the bread.

 Best loaf I ever made. Now, don't you want to be snowbound with me??

Okay, so we let you go outside. 

What storm?

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