Saturday, January 4, 2014


Look what I found! Yesterday's missing blog post!

Snow day! A day on which we can be extra grateful for Netflix. Hoo-haw! Just watched the 6th episode of Jack Taylor which was hella-fun. Iain Glen is one of my new faves. Plus, much of it takes place near Galway and y'all know how much I love Ireland. 

The snow continues. John is still abed somewhere. Cooder and Emmylou are up here with me sprawled across the big bed. The bread is coming along nicely although I did have some trouble with the dough last night. I have to tell myself this is still a learning experience for me. 

The plan is to make this with spicy tomato soup (made with canned San Marzanos) this evening. Living the Campbell's commercial dream.

The snow has mostly let up. I think what I see out there is mostly just getting blown around. 

Here's my current view.

I'm a little bit blue, but I could certainly feel worse. I am pleased to have a day or two to be quiet and contemplative. I will see what I can do about getting back in a more pro-active mental state. I have a lot of decisions to make about where I can live and what I can do.

Although it was fun to see my family and all, I don't think California is "the place I ought to be" … for one thing, it's too damn hot … and not in a good way. I have become accustomed to softer light and more green. However, I do not see a clear path to anywhere at the moment. 

Well, still working on my New Year's Resolutions but the main one is still "slow down, move forward." And with that, I will return you to your regularly scheduled morning activities … unless you, too, are enjoying a snow day.

One of the books I brought back with me is Carl's copy of The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry. I considered leaving it, but Norton's does such a great job. I opened it and came up this Elizabeth Bishop poem. 

Brazil, January 1, 1502

Januaries, Nature greets our eyes
exactly as she must have greeted theirs:
every square inch filling in with foliage—
big leaves, little leaves, ad giant leaves,
blue, blue-green, and olive

Not this January day out on Long Island, New York.

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  1. We love watching Jack Taylor also. We were in Galway for a few days in 2011, so also enjoy memories of the locale.