Monday, January 6, 2014


(Soundtrack for today: Don't Dream It's Over. Not a clue where this came from as I didn't know any lyrics save for "hey now, hey now" …)

The kitchen smells sooooo good. I finished off the batch of Spicy Tomato Soup today. With temperatures so low tomorrow (around 12 here), I figured I needed more soup so I made another batch. This time I added four roasted red bell peppers (on sale!) and roasted onions and thyme instead of basil. I also threw in a Jarlsberg cheese rind. I am boiling a bit more before I turn it off for the night. Tomorrow, it goes in the blender and then gets strained for a smooth consistency. I will let you all know how it goes. It's a pleasure to just breathe in here.

It was a very quiet day. Other than talking to the cats and on the 'phone, I was silent. The beautiful sheets my niece Karen gave me for Christmas arrived in the mail, so I washed them and put them on the bed. Something else to look forward to. 

Cooder is finally calming down a bit after her disorienting days in lock-up and coming back to a place she didn't know all that well. They like having space, although they will stay with me upstairs if that is where I am working. Today, I was downstairs in the kitchen more, attending to laundry and such. 

I did manage to walk for 40 minutes. Getting back to reasonable eating, even more reasonable drinking, and exercise will be a challenge here. I walked to the post office which will perhaps be a destination walk, although it is not particularly scenic. I looked online for local hiking and did not (yet) come up with much nearby. There are the Sans Souci woods where I walked on New Years' Day and got a bit lost. It's too small and bounded by fences to get terribly lost. It was rainy and given that it is swampy on a good day, I thought to preserve my snow boots.

Finding things to photograph on my walks will be even more of a challenge. I came up with these today: 

I hadn't seen these cabbages in this state before. Quite beautiful. Almost like snowflakes. 

I flipped open The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry and came upon this.

So Graven

Simplicity so graven hurts the sense.
The monumental and the simple break
And the great tables shatter down in deed.

Every year the quick particular jig
Of unresolved event moves in mind,
And there's the trick simplicity has to win.

— Josephine Miles

I don't know that I had ever heard of Josephine Miles as a poet before. I guess that is a good portent of a year of poetry. I did spend more time contemplating resolutions, but have yet to commit them to paper. 

The kitchen clock is ticking toward 12:00 and I should to bed.

My friend Iris bakes and decorates cakes for fun. She just took a class and I thought the results were rather spectacular. Fondant flowers!

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