Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yes, I am running around quite a bit. We all expected this, no? The San Francisco Bay Area is in its glory these past few days: foggy mornings, spectacular, warm, cloudless blue skies all day. Quite seductive for this expatriate. California living calls out to me!

So, what have I been up to these past couple of days? Meltdowns, doubts, absence of meaning breakdowns, panic, longing, regret, smiles, reassements, reconsiderations, a fair amount of driving, some gig related meetings, hair do-over, eye exam, cat feeding, storage belonging sortings, more doubts and regrets.

Driving around, I took a couple of shots of places I lived or stayed.

Here's Dwight Way, the first place I ever stayed in Berkeley. Ron Bartunek lived here with Alain Chirot. Pammie, Berta, and I took a champagne flight on Western Airlines ("the o-o-o-nly way to fly"). I had been planning to drive up with Linda Daily in her blue Fiat, but I think her parents wouldn't let her drive. It might have been my first plane flight. We ate oreos with the champagne. I have no memory of getting on or getting off the plane or how we got to the airport or which airport we flew into or who picked us up or dropped us off or how long we stayed or where we slept or what we did except that we bought some tiger print rolling papers and for some reason, we made cinnamon rolls from scratch. I think I still have the recipe.

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