Monday, October 15, 2012


Landed here in Oakland, landed in more than one sense. I am getting settled into Michael and Alicia's house with Cooder, who is remarkably comfortable for a place she has never been before. After being in a studio apartment for a month, and only seeing me, except for when Terry came in last night, she is quite sanguine about having space, sprawled out on the carpet under the dining room table, or strolling about. Cooder was born in Berkeley and left in 1999.

I teared up, seeing California from the airplane window. I haven't been to the homeland in two years. Seeing the sunset over the ocean made was surprisingly emotional. I think of myself as such a New Yorker now, that I didn't expect to be moved.

Tonight, I will leave this brief. It's almost 10 and I have yet to unpack and get comfy in bed. Time to reorient again.

Bremerton bakery.
Here's where you can read about pink champagne cake.


  1. I also always teared up coming into los angeles. I actually have the sense of taste for different levels of smog. The taste of LAX is different from downtown LA smog is different from valley smog, for example. And the ugly cheap architecture that you are blasted with as you come out of LAX also reminds me of how much I think LA should be nuked for its own good.

  2. Haven't been to Cali in 2 years! that's crazy. I'm totally into this pink champagne cake thing