Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I'm ready to go. Except that my 'plane doesn't leave for another seven hours. But that's okay. Relaxation might just be good for me. I am tempted to go over to Carol's and Jim's and take a nice bath in their excellent tub.

There's construction of a major kind going on outside Michael's and Alicia's house. I just saw a radio controlled mini-steamroller. I am not quite sure about the genesis and usefulness of such a thing. And don't those guys like to drive around on those big things?  We are all in hopes that the construction stops at 3:00 so that we can all nap.

Later that same day.

Nap accomplished, although it was really dozing and relaxing. Even though we are not really hungry, Michael, Alicia, and I are getting a pizza from Arizmendi, because they say it is so good. I also succumbed to a morning bun from La Farine. I did not, for the first time in aeons, have any bread, particularly pain au levain, from Acme Bakery. Well, one can't eat everything. I will have to go back on healthier rations if I want these new jeans to keep fitting me.

On Sunday evening, I was able to keep a date with Bill and Susan. Bill served his homemade pickled green beans which we hella good and which I will have to make for Thanksgiving. We had a great time, talking a bit about our last fifteen or twenty-five years, music (I played them the Prince version of A Case of You), and got caught up.

The views are just drop dead stunning all the time, almost wherever you go. The light here is so different, particularly at sunset with the sun dropping down over the Pacific. Here are a couple of shots from Susan's and Bill's house.

My cell phone could not do it justice, or I was not adept enough with a cell phone camera. Either one. I think you get the general idea.

I'm pretty sure this jockey gets drowned when tide is completely high.

Their surprise for me was an outing to the Sausalito Cruising Club, an old barge outfitted as a low-rent bar, and/or the living room of the folks who live on houseboats out in the Bay near Sausalito. So cool. There was a pretty fun band, the Medicine Ball Band. The bandleader, Jack Sturdevant, played the strangest electric guitar I have ever seen. There was the outline of a regular guitar, but it was just a cutout, solid only in from the headstock to the end pin. I was underwhelmed; it was just not loud or present enough for me. And just a little bit weirder was the fact that Jack looked exactly like Walter White in his full Heisenberg phase, particularly the hat. Unfortunately, the Giants game delayed the start of the band, who nonetheless kicked off with a nice jazzy version of Take Me Out to the Ballgame.


  1. Missing you. Recipe is coming. Thanks for your wisdom and visit!